Leather jackets

Too many times we find ourselves unprepared for the first drops in temperature. The morning breeze and the sparkling breeze of the evening generate good sensations but … be careful !!!

So what should we do ?? Cover us in the right hours and above all with the right article !!!!

The leather jacket is the perfect mid-season garment and obviously you have to choose the right one. On the market you can find everything, but remember that quality must always have the right price.

An excellent quality product has essential characteristics.

1 The leather must be vegetable tanned, undergo natural treatments that allow it to maintain its original characteristics and beauty.

2 The processes must be carried out following an ethical code that respects the rights of workers in every process.

3 The coloring must be done with attention to detail and details.

Precisely on this last point we want to say a few more words, because our articles are characterized by a type of coloring called hand infill. This type of processing gives the garments a naturally vintage effect, making each piece unique in its kind as the colors, being made with an entirely handmade process, give uniqueness to each piece. You will never find 2 identical items.

And now all you have to do is go to the store and experience first-hand the quality we told you about.

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We are waiting for you !!!!

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