The ancient origins of a timeless accessory

Gloves were already used in ancient times to shelter from the cold or to carry out manual activities. For the ancient Egyptians, however, their value was only symbolic and liturgical: a tribute to the pharaohs consisted precisely in precious gloves, a symbol of prestige, such as those found in the tomb of Tutankamon. Originally they were similar to “bags”, tied to the wrists, with a separation for the thumb, but in the 4th century the current shape was established with the fingers separated. In the Middle Ages, gloves became a status symbol for nobility, chivalry and clergy.

Over time they have become a versatile accessory that is affordable for everyone. There are endless variations and combinations on the market. Wool, Leather, Ecoleather, Microfiber … colored, plain …

Whatever your favorite combination is, you’ll have the chance to find the perfect one that’s right for you.

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